What setup does Charpu fly on?

Charpu is a true Rock Star in the multi-rotor world and I love watching his videos. He is a brilliant pilot who flies with elegant grace and fearless lines.  Ever since I got the bug to begin to start flying quadcopters I was inspired by the FPV magic that Charpu can pull off.  I’ve missed the opportunity to see him fly in real life by only a day and I hope to have the opportunity to fly with him some day.  I’ve always wanted to get a Lumenier setup, but as I’ve been learning my way up, I’m not there yet.  They are the Lambos of the FPV world right now.

Below we have a couple of great videos that Charpu has done.

Through the Cracks – FPV

Soothing Madness – FPV

One of the coolest videos that inspired this article is the work he did with Jamie & Adam’s Tested which explains how to build a basic Lumenier setup, they also list the parts in the video and you can get them all from GetFPV.com so feel free to support their cause. Below it you will also find links to purchase some of the parts that Charpu uses to fly in his epic style through Drone-Pilot-Zone.

Be sure to make your own videos and push the limits of what Charpu can do.  He is an OG in the Drone-Pilot world and we know there is a generation of newbies coming up to show him how it’s really done.  Be sure to submit your videos to us and Take the Challenge and Prove You’re an Ace!

How to Build a FPV Racing Quadcopter!


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