The Dawning of a New Age – FPV Drone Racing

For those of us in the community of FPV Racing it’s hard to imagine that you wouldn’t know who Skitzo, Charpu, and Bixler are.  Heroes have already been born, and are bringing our beloved addiction into the national limelight.  We live in a new time when a fresh batch of celebrities are finding their way to the front of the stage.

FPV Racing at MultiGP Aurora Parker Denver

2016 is the Year of the Drone, which also happens to be the Year of the Monkey.   It seems fitting that such a playful and dream fulfilling development in human culture would fall on a year marked by intelligence and quick wittedness. A year ago I was dreaming of real scale racing with others in an FPV arena and this year that is becoming a reality.

With the development of organizations like MultiGP®, the racing scene has a coherent system that allows people to come together and race in a safe and organized manner.  There are clear rules and regulations, expectations and precautions.  People communicate and work together to make the race run smoothly and fairly for all that are participating.

The Rise of the FPV Super Race

This year we are seeing the rise of a new type of event.  The FPV Super Race.  Organizations are starting to build and sponsor large events in notable locations.  From the empty stadium events in the south such as F3Expo in Georgia, to the DRL events expected across the country, to the Tron like racing XDC event at Zappos in Las Vegas a new class of entertainment is born and just taking it’s first steps.

What’s really exciting is what’s planned for this summer in Colorado which is where Drone Racing truly finds its place in the world of great events.  Those Funken Drones is going to be a whole new experience when it comes to drone racing.  It will be an awakening for the whole family.  It will be a chance to live a dream that many of us have had since we can remember.  To have the experience of flying above the trees like an eagle, and dart between the branches like a sparrow.

Those Funken Dronez Flyer




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