Jonathon (Skitzo FPV) Davis Interview

We had a chance to ask Jonathon (Skitzo FPV) Davis a couple of questions about his brilliant super hero like skill.  He’s a humble guy and a seriously smooth pilot.  He grew to notoriety with his amazing Skitzo Float. He has this way of going weightless and then swooping down like an Eagle with elegant precision.

Have a look at his video Anti-Gravity to see exactly what I’m talking about.

You even get the pleasure of Alt-J as he flies.

A Champion in the Making

This landed him a spot at the F3Expo Masters of Freestyle Finals. His phenomenal display in the Finals gives you the spine tingling sensation of extreme mastery of the craft.  Be sure to check out the video. It’s absolutely breathtaking.  The guy also has a fantastic taste in music.

He didn’t take the trophy in 2015, but there is no doubt about it that Skitzo is a guy to watch.

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Our Interview with Johnathan (Skitzo FPV) Davis

We caught up with him on Facebook and he was happy to answer a few scathing questions.  Here is the script of our conversation.

Hey Jonathon, you’re obviously brilliant.  I’d love to write an article about you at Would you mind answering 5 simple questions?

sure 🙂


Answer them however you see fit.

I can give you all five and you can write me back.  Or I could give them to you one by one if you’re bored and feel like answering them.

They aren’t very serious or tough questions obviously.

  1. How long have you been flying, and what got you started?
  2. Did video games have any influence on your skills, if so which ones?
  3. Where’s the most amazing place you ever had a chance to fly at so far?
  4. What’s your favorite piece of gear, the one thing you cherish the most?
  5. Are you single? The ladies need to know. 😉

Jonathon Davis

  1. I’ve been flying for a year and I was really into photography and film so I picked up a DJI Phantom Vision+ and that was my first FPV experience. I found videos of Metalldanny in his Blackout 330 tearing through the woods and my jaw dropped. I never looked back 🙂
  2. It would be silly to say video games didn’t have an influence. Most of us grew up playing them. I can’t think of a specific title but I used to play Quake, Quake III and Unreal Tournament competitively
  3. I haven’t flown anywhere but where I live (Georgia) so far but I’m excited to check out other areas
  4. Probably my new motors
  5. Yeah, I’m single but dating someone pretty cool 🙂


Your upside down floating style is epic. Does it have a name?

not really lol

well, maybe

people call it stuff out there but i dont know what it is

they call things “the skitzo float, skitzo tree, etc”


they have nicknames that i dont use because its uh.. me 🙂

That’s what I’ve heard out there.

I really appreciate your time man and I look forward to flying with you some day.

This guys is going to be a pilot to watch in the future.  He is developing his own style and it is a total pleasure to watch.  Somehow he even got them to let him fly around in a shopping mall.

Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube Channel to keep up with how he develops the Skitzo Tree!


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