Can an MJX X600 carry a Xiaomi Yi? or potentially a GoPro?

I bought the MJX X600 this month with our earnings and it is an absolute blast to fly.  It is very fast, relatively stable, and has a 11 – 12 minute flight time without any payload.  I also bought the Xiaomi Yi HD camera and it seemed like the MJX X600 should be able to easily carry it.  The Xiaomi Yi only weighs 68.8g (2.43oz) and I added a light weight 28.8gram (1oz) GoPro holder to attach it for a payload of 97.6g (3.4oz).   This was my first real attempt.

A GoPro weighs at least 100g  (3.5oz) so it will probably work, but we haven’t got one to test it.  Let us know in the comments what you find out.


These two together are pretty awesome!

For under $150 you can have a flying 1080p 60fps HD Camera.

This is only the maiden flight and I intend to play with this setup a whole lot more.  I just felt like testing it out on a beautiful sunset in the city.

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