Mitchell Valentine

Mitchell Valentine FlyingA world traveler, an innovator, a designer, and teacher, his passion is in the micros. It was a desire born from a young age. To be able to fly remote control aircraft for a reasonable price. The Hubsan X4 H107L was his first. He immediately saw the potential for the multi-rotor revolution that was about to begin. There is a great opportunity for innovation, exploration, and fantastic entertainment to result from the Drone Revolution. He looks forward to helping to build the positive reputation of this fantastic hobby. He is the brains of the operation and the captain of the ship.


His fleet currently includes:

Scotty “Skilz” Kopec

Scott Kopec Hubsan H107LA rambling man, that lives in a man palace on wheels. He is our mobile power station, the tinker, the tool man. He has a knack for building complex systems, and rigging up all sorts of fantastic contraptions. He can solder tiny things, build wacky systems, and he’s a decent pilot himself. He’s the shop keeper as well, and is responsible for making all the products in the shop look sexy as they are.

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