A Drone Love Story ⋆ Dancing in a Starry Night ⋆

Mitch Hubsan H107LIt’s always been a dream to be able to fly in the stars and my Hubsan H107L has made those dreams come true. It was the quad that started this love affair, and she will always hold my heart as the one that made me into a flying man.

As a kid we dreamed of getting into remote aircraft, but it was always a hobby that was just to expensive and complicated to get into.  As kids our budgets weren’t much more than enough to buy candy and none of our parents had thousands of dollars to fulfill our fantasies.  As I got older, the dream never faded, but the technology took a while for the cost to entry to meet the fun funds necessary to join in.

It was the Fall of 2013 that I first laid eyes on her.  Amazon had her on sale for $40, a sleek and stylish black Hubsan H107L.  I ordered her prime and within a day or two I was staring at my first RC Multi-Rotor.

I carefully took her out of the box and gently laid her on my bed.  Ready for my first try I was definitely a bit nervous.  My hands trembled as I held her and gently inserted her battery.  She lit up and I knew my flying dreams were close.  I placed her level and grabbed the controls.  That first time we successfully binded together I knew I was in love.

Those first moves were awkward at best as I struggled to learn the way she moved.  I knew she was capable of so much more than I was able to lead her to.   I had to be patient, and careful, conscious and deliberate, but I had to be in control.  If I wasn’t careful she would leave me in a heartbeat and fly off into the sunset never to be seen again.  She was fragile, precious, and a slight bit accident prone.  It took all of my effort to keep her happy and safe.  That first day was magic, we would dance and then rest and recharge, and then dance again.

By the second day I had the courage to venture out into the wild.  We took our first walk through the street of the city, staying close never venturing too far.  She had stamina and grace and we learned to dance around the light poles, over the street signs, and up above the rooftops.  I grew more courageous and her spins and turns became more outrageous with clearer intent.  She would gather a crowd and everyone would ahh at her dancing prowess.

One afternoon we headed into the forest to play among the trees.  We had grown quite comfortable with each other and it seemed as though our minds had become one.  As she twirled and flipped through the sky I felt as if I was her, whipping between the branches.  I was getting so confident and with the wind at my back I pushed her to the greatest heights yet.  She soared with the clouds and was dancing among the tree tops looking as beautiful as ever.  And that’s when she left me.

I watched as she flew off into the sunset, caught on wisp of wind too powerful for her to overcome.  I searched for her for hours and I never saw her again.

There have been many birds since and there will be many more, but I will never forget the one that was my first.



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